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The home for unconventional thinkers

Have you already dreamed of dismantling your home and simply putting it up again somewhere else? By a beautiful lake, for example? Loftfactory modular systems make it possible. Module for module, you can now build a house that can be taken down again whenever you want. Thanks to the new lofts in Seekirchen, with a view onto the beautiful lake, you can turn this flexible living concept into reality. 

Appesbacher Zimmerei. Holzbau. GmbH. produces the 7.5 x 2.5 m modules made of solid wood and other natural, recyclable materials, in its workshops on the Wolfgangsee lake. The installations, windows and façade are also made in advance.

All that needs to be done on site is to join the six modules for the “Nomad Lodge” together. The foundations are securely anchored in place and are easy to remove - and they can be re-used at the next site.

The flexible floor heating for drywall construction

The sustainable family homes are fitted with floor heating for drywall construction, which is ideal for this modular system. This modern-style heating system is already pre-installed in the factory in every module by the assembly team of the installation company Pöllmann & Partner. Overall, 12 heating circuits are laid on the ground floor. On the building site, only the inspection openings need to be connected up to each other. Now, all that is missing is the floor covering. You can lay whichever one you like, whether it’s stone, wood, ceramic covers, linoleum or carpet. It’s important that the floor covering is suitable, according to the manufacturer’s information. 

In general, the thicker the covering, the slower the heat transfer, since the floor has to be heated up for longer. Tiles and natural stone have a high thermal conductivity and quickly radiate heat into the room, for example.

An air heat pump, combined with a photovoltaic system and surface heating, turns the family home into a very environmentally friendly, energy-efficient building. The house is sufficiently insulated to make sure that the heat stays outside during the summer. On particularly hot summer days, the rooms can be additionally cooled with the floor heating

These innovative houses are ready for habitation in just four weeks. So there’s nothing stopping you from spending Christmas in your new home! 

Construction sign: 

Architect: Loft Factory by Gerold Peham, 5101 Bergheim/Salzburg

Timber construction: Appesbacher Zimmerei. Holzbau. GmbH, 5342 Abersee

Installation engineer: Pöllman & Partner, 4893 Zell am Moos 

credit: Variotherm Heizsysteme | Loftfactory