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The orange promise keeps - delivery times greatly reduced

Thanks to long-term planned investments, Variotherm can now even shorten delivery times on popular products, such as underfloor heating system VarioComp, despite international supply chain problems and increased orders.

Variotherm has invested heavily in recent years at its site in Leobersdorf, Lower Austria. Shortly before the turn of the year, a new special milling machine was added to production to meet the strong demand for sustainable heating and cooling systems.

Currently, a warehouse is being added to the site. Against the background of sharply rising energy costs of conventional heating and cooling systems as well as global supply chain delays, the long-planned investment in the Leobersdorf site is now a major advantage.

Thanks to the new special machine as well as optimizations and efficiency improvements of existing machines, Variotherm can now even shorten delivery times for products despite an increased order situation.

Even faster processing of customer requests

For Variotherm as an enduring family business, one thing is clear: All products are produced with care for inventory and sustainability. Proven experience and innovation naturally go hand in hand here. The new special machine that mills gypsum fiberboards for the popular VarioKomp underfloor heating system now enables even faster processing of customer requests.

After all, as a trustworthy partner, it is important to Variotherm, in keeping with its orange promise, that customers receive their products reliably and on time. Fairness and the responsibility to keep this promise are always top priorities for the innovation leader in surface heating and cooling systems.

High demand for sustainable heating and cooling systems

With the long-term plans now being implemented, Variotherm is further expanding the Leobersdorf site and thus securing additional important regional jobs. Since 1979, Variotherm has been involved in the production and sale of ecologically-efficient panel heating and cooling systems. The entire refinement process of all Variotherm products takes place 100% in Leobersdorf.

The current trend out of gas heating and towards green, sustainable energy has created an enormously high demand for innovative heating and cooling systems in Austria and beyond.

Thanks to prudent investments, Variotherm can reliably meet this high demand.
After all, Variotherm keeps its orange promise. Always.