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To prevent rooms from becoming saunas

Room cooling has also become a hot topic in our climates. From a global perspective, cooling is more important than heating. This begs the question of how to get the heat out of the building and not in?

Innovative solutions that combine surface heating and cooling into one product are in demand, particularly in Austria and Central Europe where temperatures fluctuate throughout the year, sometimes extremely.

Heating and cooling in a single system

The Variotherm product systems for walls and ceilings combine the best of both worlds and maintain comfortable room temperatures throughout the year. The very same heat transfer system that provides radiant heat during the colder months also provides cooling in summer that removes heat from the room and thus the body, thus creating a pleasant climate similar to being in the shade of a large tree. In order to attain mild indoor temperatures in summer, chilled water (about 17°C) is fed into the pipe system by means of a heat pump.

Also important in retrospect

The ceiling and wall heating and cooling systems can also be installed in drywall construction systems and are therefore ideally suited for retrofitting or for minimally invasive refurbishments. The rapid and easy installation also enables their implementation in existing buildings. "You can create good comfort when the general conditions are right, for example good insulation. Ceiling cooling is invaluable, especially for modern architecture and large glass window surfaces," affirms Alexander Watzek, Managing Director of Variotherm.

Here you can gain an insight into the refurbishment of a listed building: