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Underfloor heating for the listed floor - Tamási Church

In order to be able to heat a church in Tamási, Hungary, which is in need of renovation, not only pleasantly warm in the future, but also to adapt it to today's energy requirements, the VarioComp underfloor heating system was used  without affecting the architectural appearance of the church.   

In the middle of the Hungarian town of Tamási stands a beautiful baroque church, but one that is getting on in years. Built between 1735 and 1745, the church is now almost 300 years old and in need of renovation. Not only the exterior but also the interior of the church is undergoing renovation. In addition to the steeple, bells, churchyard and modern, energy-saving lighting, the interior of the church is also to be renovated. For this purpose, a heating solution that meets today's energy requirements was sought.

In the course of this search, a renowned Pécs architectural office responsible for the implementation of the church renovation became aware of the sustainable and energy-saving surface heating systems from Variotherm - and was promptly impressed by the quality, innovative strength and individual support.

It all depends on the floor structure

The initial situation itself is anything but simple. When a church needs a new heating system, many questions arise. In order to prevent church visitors from freezing in the winter, a lot of energy is usually required. With a new and energy-efficient heating system from Variotherm, however, high costs can be avoided. In the church in Tamási, however, there was another special feature for Variotherm's planning department to consider. The church was built on the ruins of a Roman temple.

The archaeological excavations inside the church thus did not permit extensive removal of the church floor. Accordingly, a heating solution had to be found that would not interfere with the historically and architecturally valuable inventory of the church, but at the same time meet all the requirements of a modern and energy-saving heating system.

VarioComp: Ideal solution for listed buildings

The innovative and easy-to-install VarioComp underfloor heating system was the perfect solution. After preparing the final heating plans in cooperation with the local installation company Kiss from Tamási, the underfloor heating was finally installed in dry construction on a total area of 215 m2 by Kehova-Szer, also a Hungarian company. The great advantage of VarioComp is that the complete system can be installed invisibly in the floor and through various floor coverings, such as stone in this case.

The VarioComp is therefore ideal for the renovation of old as well as listed buildings. Incidentally, anyone who wants to visit the church can do so from the end of October. That is when the renovation work is expected to be completed - just in time for the start of autumn and winter, so that all visitors can enjoy pleasant warmth even during the cold season.

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