Hang pictures despite wall heating

Hang pictures despite wall heating? Child's play!

The pipe locator with LED indicator light and beeper and the thermofoil can be used for locating Variomodular pipes and VarioProFile pipes (aluminium multilayer compound pipes) in the wall.

The pipe locator in detail

The pipe locator locates die aluminium multilayer compound pipes equally well in drywall modular walls and also in plastered walls.  

How it works:

  • Hold the device up in the air and away from any metal parts (perpendicular to the surface to be scanned).
  • Move the calibration unit onto point sensor (aluminium plate of the calibration unit, outer side).
  • Press and hold the start button. After about 2 seconds, the green LED lights up.
  • Search for the pipe: Slowly scan the surface. The red LEDs and the longitudinal sensor's blue light along with a beeping sound will indicate the position of the pipe.
  • The device switches off when the start button is released.

TIP: Hand jewellery may affect calibration and the scanning results and must therefore be removed prior to starting the device.

How thermofoil works

The thermofoil is suitable for the detection of heating pipes during the heating phase. Operation temperature range: 25 °C to 30 °C. 

The black thermofoil is placed laterally to the pipes being sought, or fastened with adhesive tape, during the heating process.  

At a surface temperature between 25 °C and 30 °C the foil discolours to reveal the position of the pipes: Possible discolourations are black, blue to yellow and red. The foil discolours red at the highest measurable temperature range of approx. 30 °C . The foil discolours black again at temperatures above the measurable range. 

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