Surface cooling saves up to 30% energy costs

Summer is just around the corner, and temperatures are rising fast. This is the time that we look for a place of refuge in our cool four walls. Surface cooling is healthy, silent and saves up to 30% energy.

Large surfaces - low energy costs

The wall or ceiling cooling cools over the entire surface. This provides not only a comfortable climate, but also saves energy: The greater the area used for cooling, the faster a comfortable room climate is achieved. The surface cooling also saves energy costs during ongoing operation. If the ceiling or wall is used for cooling, the people in the room already feel comfortable at temperatures of around 26 °C, thanks to the exchange of radiant heat. By comparison: If you cool the room with an air conditioning system, the room temperature has to be cooled down to around 23 °C in order to achieve the same level of comfort. Therefore, with a water-bearing surface heating system, you save up to 30 percent on energy costs.

Surface cooling systems operating using the exchange of radiant heat

Cold water circulates through the pipes and cools the surfaces on the ceiling and wall. The human body passes the excess heat into the cool surfaces in the environment. A comfortable room climate is created. Surface cooling uses the entire surface of the ceiling or wall as a source of cooling, and therefore evenly tempers the room. The body can slowly adjust to the temperature difference between the beneficial, cool interior space and the scorching heat outside. Rapid cooling of the body as a result of cold air fans is now a thing of the past.