Why acoustic ceilings work

The acoustic ceiling dampens the noise and absorbs a part of the sound through the hole pattern and acoustic fleece. More precisely, it reduces the reverberation in the room.

Acoustic ceilings reduce reverberation and prevent it from disturbing conversations. The person for whom an information is intended should be able to hear it loud and clearly.

In large rooms with little furniture, the reverberation can be heard for a long time. This is because the sound is not absorbed but instead reverberates back and forth between the walls like a ping pong ball. This is where acoustic ceilings help. The larger the acoustic surface, the lower the reverberation time, which makes the room and working environment all the more pleasant.

A major plus with Variotherm’s ceiling cooling and heating with acoustic function: The acoustic holes are not covered over with cooling and thermal conduction elements, leaving them 100 per cent active. This ensures certified, guaranteed noise reduction. 


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