Filling compound

Filling Compound

to fill the VarioComp panels

The VarioComp filling compound closes the gap between the installed VarioComp panels and the inserted VarioProFile pipe 11.6x1.5 Laser (aluminium multi-layer composite pipe). This prevents the formation of air inclusions in the floor heating system, so the heat can reach the surface unimpeded.

The VarioComp filling compound has a high thermal conductivity, so it is able to rapidly transfer the heat to the surface of the floor. 

The VarioComp mixing tool is used to achieve the best results when mixing the filling compound. The bucket set guarantees the right mixing ratio: It consists of one water bucket for the right quantity and the 30 litre bucket used to mix the VarioComp filling compound.

The filling compound is applied to the VarioComp panels and then drawn off with a scraper The floor covering can be applied once the compound has fully dried.