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VarioProFile-pipe 11,6x1,5

Aluminium Multi-Layer Composite Pipe

The VarioProFile pipe uses the advantages of both aluminium and plastic. It combines five interconnected layers. That guarantees a slightly flexible yet dimensionally stable pipe.

The innermost layer is made of polyethylene and extremely temperature resistant. The inner surface is smooth as glass, making it impossible for deposits to form. The water flows through the pipe without resistance and with minimal pressure losses.

The profiled surface structure increases the outermost layer of the pipe by up to 15%. The larger surface means optimised heat transfer.

100% oxygen diffusion-tight thanks to the laser-welded aluminium pipe: The metal prevents oxygen penetration. That virtually rules out potential silting.

VarioProFile-pipe looks like this

Construction VarioProFile-pipe 11,6x1,5

  Raised-temperature-resistance polyethylene (PE-RT) with profiled surface structure 
Adhesive layer
3   Homogeneous laser-welded solid aluminium pipe
4   Adhesive layer
5   Raised-temperature-resistance polyethylene (PE-RT)


  • Fully corrosion-free
  • Optimum creep behaviour
  • Just as light as a plastic pipe
  • 10-year guarantee with certificate
  • Profiled surface for optimised heat transfer (10% larger surface)
  • Flexible, easy to bend, extremely good hydrostatic stability
  • Resistant to hot water additives (inhibitors, antifreeze)
  • Mirror-smooth inner surface – less pressure loss – no encrustation
  • High pressure and temperature resistance (10 bar, +95 °C)
  • 100% oxygen diffusion-tight
  • Lower linear coefficient of expansion, lower heat expansion forces
  • Tested as per EN 21 003 (IMA Dresden), SKZ A 397

Where the VarioProFile pipe 11.6x1.5 is deployed

Floor heating for drywall construction. VarioComp.

The VarioProFile pipe 11.6x1.5 is deployed in the VarioComp panels of the modular floor heating system VarioComp in drywall constructions.

The pre-milled nubs with a diameter of 100 and 150 millimetres allow the easy and flexible installation of the VarioProFile pipe (aluminium multi-layer composite pipe). They guarantee uniform pipe spacing.


For the low profile EasyFlexWall/Ceiling with a pipe spacing of 77 and 115 mm, the VarioProFile pipe 11.6x1.5 is installed on the wall or ceiling and then plastered.


The aluminium layer guarantees elongation up to nine times lower than PEX pipes. That means the VarioProFile pipe is ideal for surface heating and cooling systems.

Elongation with 10 m and temperature difference Δt  25 °C (e. g. 20 °C to 45 °C):

Creep rupture properties

The creep behaviour indicates the long-term heat resistance of the VarioProFile pipe. This behaviour has been scrutinised in a creep rupture test. It is very important for heating piping as this is exposed to high temperatures over long periods.

Scrutinised creep behaviour has been tested for a service life of 50 years.

Technical data

Pipe diameter: 11,6 mm
Pipe wall thickness: 1,5 mm
Aluminium pipe thickness: 0,15 mm
Roll length: 100, 300, 500 and 800 m
Water content: 0,058 l/m
Special narrow bending radius (usea suitable bending device): 30 mm
Max. operating temperature [tmax]: 95 °C
Short-term resistant [tmal]: 110 °C
Max. operating pressure [pmax]: 10 bar
Linear expansion coefficient: 2,3 × 10-5 [K-1]
Mean heat conduction coefficient [λ]: 0,44 W/mK
Heat transmission resistance: 0,0034 m²K/W