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The healthy alternative to air conditioning

Ceiling cooling helps you keep a cool head on hot days. It is a healthy alternative to standard air conditioning systems and can also be retrofitted: in offices, meeting rooms, family homes and apartments. The entire ceiling is used for cooling, creating an even, comfortable room temperature. You will feel good in every way. 

The surface of the ModuleCeiling can also be fitted with a sound-absorbing acoustic function. And the best thing: During the winter, the ModuleCeiling will heat your room to a comfortable and cosy temperature.

One system, four functions: cooling + heating + noise reduction + complete ceiling

This is how ceiling cooling works

Water-based ceiling cooling is a surface cooling system and operates using radiant heat exchange: Cold water circulates through the aluminium multi-layer composite pipe and cools the the entire surface of the ceiling. A person in the room emits excess body heat onto the cool surfaces. A comfortable, cool room climate spreads throughout the room. 

Ceiling cooling systems operate without causing draughts. And they cool silently. The cooling ceiling can therefore also run at night.

This is what a cooling/heating system looks like

Water-based ceiling cooling is a surface cooling system and operates using radiant heat exchange.

A comfortable climate: why surface cooling is so comfortable

In contrast to an air conditioning unit, ceiling cooling does not blow cold air through the room. Why? Because it operates using radiant heat exchange. The human body can slowly get used to the temperature difference between outdoors and the comfortably cool room. No more cold shock effects.

Cooling ceilings operate silently and can also run during the night – guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.

Our tip: A well insulated home with an effective storage mass saves more money, since the rooms need less energy in order to be cooled.

What energy source does ceiling cooling need?

Anyone using a Variotherm ceiling for cooling purposes needs cooled water. Ideally, the energy needed is obtained directly from the surrounding environment, using deep drilling, surface collectors or a heat pump. The latter takes the energy needed from environmentally friendly sources: air, earth or ground water. The integrated compressor generates the water temperature of between 16 and 20°C needed for cooling. 

How and why ceiling HEATING works

Hot air rises. Do you get a hot head and cold feet if you have ceiling heating? No. In contrast to standard convection heating systems (such as radiators), good quality ceiling heating systems operate with comfortable, healthy radiant heat and very low temperature differences.

Briefly explained: it is a surface heating system and uses the entire surface for transferring heat. The radiation is emitted at right-angles to the surface, so the heat is emitted from above to below. When the rays hit a solid object, it is warmed. 

Relief for the ears: the acoustic ceiling

The Variotherm cooling and heating ceiling can also be installed with a noise-absorbing acoustic surface. The acoustic panel is made of gypsum fibreboard and has pre-installed perforations. The perforation in the gypsum fibre boards channels the noise through the construction. The sound waves are 'broken' and the noise is significantly reduced. The reverberation period in the room is significantly decreased. 

The major benefit: with the Variotherm acoustic ceiling, the holes of the acoustic panels are not covered by cooling/heating elements! As a result, they remain 100% active. This guarantees the tested noise reduction. >>> Further information

An acoustic ceiling for cooling and heating looks like this

The modular wall heating/cooling is a drywall construction system with a wide range of different panel formats.

One system – many benefits

Feel comfortable at home! The water-based cooling ceiling operates silently and free of draughts. It can therefore also run at night. The ceiling cooling operates using healthy radiant heat exchange: the person in the room can slowly adjust to the difference in temperature between the pleasantly cool interior space and the scorching heat outside. Cold shock and stiff necks from draughts are a thing of the past.

The benefits for you

  • The radiant surface remains unobstructed by furnishings
  • Free of draught – does not whirl dust around
  • Silent – can also run during the night
  • Heating + cooling + acoustic function + finished wall
  • A comfortable room climate thanks to heat exchange
  • The temperature can be regulated individually for each room
  • No bothersome air conditioning units on the walls
  • Saves up to 30% energy costs
  • Maintenance-free
  • 10-year guarantee

Heating, cooling and noise reduction: the Variotherm system can do all these. The water-based ceiling cooling/heating system with or without acoustic surface cools pleasantly in the summer and provides comfortable warmth in the winter. It is a drywall construction, and is quick and easy to install.

The benefits for you

  • Flexible drywall construction mounting
  • Complete system from a single source
  • Ideal for refurbishment and listed buildings
  • Dew point and condensation under control; the cooling pipes do not come into direct contact with the room air
  • Free advice and service – laying of the system, including laying plans
  • Energy-efficient, low-temperature system
  • Can be combined with renewable energy sources
  • Corrosion-free heating and cooling pipes (aluminium multi-layer composite pipes)
  • Made in Austria
  • 10-year guarantee

More interior design freedom – made possible by ceiling cooling/heating! The cooling and heating system is invisibly installed in the ceiling – your creativity knows no bounds when it comes to designing the interior. A pleasant room climate makes a home an oasis of comfort.

Ceiling cooling/heating does not cause draughts and is therefore ideal for hospitals and other medical facilities.

The benefits for you

  • Invisibly installed in the ceiling – adapts to the interior design
  • Free of draughts – also suitable for medical facilities
  • Low energy costs
  • Silent – can also run during the night
  • Also available with noise absorbing acoustic surface
  • Complete system for rapid construction progress
  • Short mounting times – can also be retrofitted
  • Optimal heating and cooling systems for new buildings and refurbishment projects
  • A pioneer in surface heating and cooling systems, with 40 years’ experience

The ceiling cooling/heating can be quickly and professionally installed in a drywall construction. The Variotherm ModulePanels are available in a wide range of different versions, and can be adapted to any construction situation. Once the panels are mounted, they only need to be spackled. Then they are ready for the final coat of paint.

The ceiling cooling/heating can also be installed at a later date and is ideal for listed buildings.

The benefits for you

  • Professional, flexible mounting in drywall construction
  • Gypsum fibre boards tested for fire resistance and certified for their biological properties
  • A pleasant climate thanks to cooling and heating over a large area
  • Free planning and service included
  • Energy-efficient, low-temperature system
  • Ideal for refurbishment and listed buildings
  • 10-year guarantee

Does ceiling cooling have any disadvantages?

If you compare the purchase costs with an air conditioning unit, they are higher for a cooling ceiling. However, during ongoing operation, the energy costs of a water-based ceiling cooling system are up to 30% lower than the electricity costs of an air conditioning unit. This means that surface heating pays off within just a few years.

In addition, the ceiling cools silently and without causing a draught and can therefore also be run at night.