VarioManifold 5.0

The purpose of a heating/cooling distribution manifold is to ensure even distribution of water in the surface heating and cooling systems for floors, walls and ceilings by controlling the flow quantities precisely. That guarantees comfort in all rooms.

VarioManifold 5.0 - the modular all-rounder

Low profile in any cabinet

The individual segments are just 50 mm wide and 55 mm deep. With their compact dimensions, they fit manifold cabinets just 80 mm deep. A real space-saver!

Flexibe installation

The manifold blocks can be moved freely relative to one another and configured exactly as required – horizontally and vertically. The position relative to the floor or ceiling is also flexibly configurable.

Precision configuration

The optimal flow is set for each heating and cooling circuit on commissioning. Simply fix the ring and you’re done. Once it has been adjusted, the control valve can be returned to the value already set even after it has been closed. As a result, the ÖN DIN EN 1264-4 standard is met in full.

Expandable any time

The VarioManifold 5.0 can also be retrofitted with additional individual elements. Up to 17 heating/cooling circuits can be installed as required in this way.

Easy to clean

The transparent viewing glass of the flow meter is easy to unscrew and clean. This can be done while in operation, under pressure. Cleaning means that the flow volume (litres per hour) can be read easily and clearly at all times!

Flexible installation

One of the major advantages of Vario distribution manifold 5.0 is the modular system design. In the standard version, up to 17 individual elements can be installed next to one another as 2-block manifolds. Can also be installed as a 1-block manifold.

Special forms and different connection options can be implemented as required in practice.