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Sustainably heating living spaces with large glass surfaces

Floor to ceiling windows give a sense of freedom and give you a wonderful view outside. During the autumn and winter months, however, the cold penetrates through the large glass surfaces into the room. At low temperatures, the room feels uncomfortably cool. With the Variotherm trench heating system, the room is shielded from the cold outside while being comfortably warm inside and therefore prevents the collection of condensate on the glass surfaces.

This is how a trench heating system works

The floor convectors are sunk into the floor and end flush with the floor covering. They are installed directly in front of glass surfaces. The core of the Variotherm underfloor heating system is the heating element: This is a copper pipe with aluminium louvres attached on top. Hot water flows through the pipe which heats the louvres. A veil of warm air is created along the cold glass surfaces. The cold from the outside is shielded off, while the room is comfortably warm. This physical reaction is called the Coandă effect

It is important that the heating element is installed directly on the window side in order to effectively shield off the cold air. At the same time, the degree of air circulation remains low.

Our tip: In order for the trench heating system to end fully flush with the floor, make sure you take the finished height of the floor covering into account during the planning stage.

This is what a trench heating system looks like

The floor convectors are sunk into the floor and end flush with the floor covering. They are installed directly in front of glass surfaces.

Where are floor trench heating systems used?

Where are trench heating systems mounted?

Underfloor heating systems are installed along high glass façades. They are discreet and space-saving, since they are sunk in the floor flush with the upper edge. Trench heating systems can be adapted to the room. Their length is flexible and they can be produced with a mitre joint for corners. 

The heating elements are protected by roll and linear grids. They are available in three colours and can be removed at any time. This makes them easy to clean. During the summer, the grids can be replaced by cover panels in the same style as the floor covering.

Requirements for trench heating systems

  • The underfloor heating systems must be mounted along the entire glass surface
  • Flow temperature of at least 40 °C (recommended: 45-60 °C)

One system – many benefits

Large window façades enable an unobstructed view of your garden. The floor trench heating systems very quickly shield the room from the outside cold to keep it cosy and warm during the winter. With a trench heating system, you can also keep your conservatory at a comfortable temperature and free of condensate.

The benefits for you

  • Rapidly forms a veil of warm air along cold glass surfaces
  • Condensate formation on the glass façades can be avoided.
  • Roll and linear grids in three colours
  • Low air flow – almost no dust disturbance
  • Discreetly integrated into the floor, without spoiling the window appearance
  • The grids can be walked over as soon as they have been installed
  • A comfortable room climate, combined with low-temperature surface heating
  • 10-year guarantee

Underfloor convectors are the right solution for large glass surfaces and conservatories. They are positioned directly in front of the window in the floor. Variotherm will deliver the right length, pre-assembled and ready for use. Mitre joints are not an issue.

The benefits for you

  • Simple, low-cost mounting
  • Construction lengths delivered according to requirements
  • Mitres possible
  • Height adjustable after mounting
  • The grids can be walked over as soon as they have been installed
  • Underfloor heating heats up quickly – and is easy to regulate
  • Guaranteed short delivery times
  • Made in Austria

Almost invisible, but makes its presence felt. The trench heating system is discreetly integrated in the floor – without getting in the way of large glass surfaces roll and linear grids in three colours match the floor covering. 

The benefits for you

  • A veil of warm air in front of glass façades – preventing cold from entering living and working spaces
  • Discreet appearance
  • Flexible design – roll and linear grids in three colours
  • Sustainable heating – combined with low-temperature surface heating systems
  • Simple cleaning – grids are easy to remove
  • Made in Austria
  • 10-year guarantee

Does floor trench heating have any disadvantages?

  • When upgrading your heating system, a trench heating system is not ideal for installation at a later date, since the floor convectors have to be sunk in screed. However, if the screed needs to be removed, the trench heating system can also be installed subsequently.
  • Flow temperatures of at least 40 °C.