The distribution manifold solution for individual rooms

The pump microstation is compact, with an individually controllable temperature: the ideal partner for extending and refurbishing individual rooms. Up to two heating circuits can be connected. This makes the pump microstation ideally suited for fitting bathrooms with surface heating.

Like the pumped VarioManifold, it was specifically developed to combine high-temperature heating systems with low-temperature surface heating systems.

  1. Flow indicator primary circuit
  2. Regulating valve
  3. Pump PMS (WILO Yonos Para 15/6)
  4. Feed & drain cock, rotating
  5. Immersion sleeve for remote sensor
  6. Thermometer
  7. Manual air-vent
  8. Flow valve, adjustable via flow indicator
  9. 230V AC, 50 Hz (provided connection cable: 3 x 0.5 mm² [max. 3 A]
  10. Locking ball valve (3/4" female thread)
  11. Check valve 
  12. Variotherm clamping screw fitting 3/4" Eurocone
  13. Shut-off valve for easy conversion to actuator
  14. Variant with weather-guided control station
  15. Variant with fixed value control station