In the ModuleCeilings for conventional ceilings with a noise absorbing acoustic surface the VarioModule pipes are fully integrated in the rear of the gypsum fibre boards.




The hole pattern is covered by a special acoustic fleece. This is the only way to ensure certified, guaranteed noise reduction.




In the ModuleCeilings for conventional ceilings the VarioModule pipes are already fully integrated in the rear of the gypsum fibre boards.




  Optimised heat transfer
  Excellent plaster adhesion
  High pressure and
    temperature resistance
  Flexible, easy to bend
  100% oxygen diffusion-tight




The VarioModule pipe is already fully integrated in the rear of the ModulePanel.

The 18 millimetre-thick gypsum fibre board panels are available now with two different hole patterns: With the 8 millimetre block perforation or 6 and/or 12 millimetre surface perforation, the customer can design the ceiling according to their wishes.  

The substructures for the ModularWall are made of timber studs or metal profiles. The structure can be constructed with or without surface panelling or cavity insulation and vapour retarders (vapour barrier). 

In calm lies strength

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In calm lies strength

With the newly-built SBI Center in Seekirchen, amultiple-use, 8,000 m2 building complex has been created that also offers staff of tenants dormakaba Austria GmbH a comfortable working environment.One major contributing factor is the ModuleStandardCeiling-Acoustic from Variotherm.

A short time ago, around 100 staff from dormakaba – experts in reliable access and security solutions – moved from Eugendorf into the innovative business centre in Seekirchen am Wallersee (Salzburg). They feel really comfortable in their 1,200 m2 of office space. They have a good reason for doing so: in the modern rooms, the level of noise is kept extremely low, enabling them to work without interruption. The dry construction ModuleCeiling-Acoustic from Variotherm is helping to create these ideal conditions, after Johann Schober, the owner of SBI-Schober Bauer Immobilien GmbH, decided to install the system. With its clever per- foration pattern and acoustic fleece, it removes a considerable portion of the ambient noise and dampens the sound.

Good arguments in favour of the ceiling

The reduced reverberation time was just one of three arguments in total that convinced the building owners. The ModuleCeiling-Acoustic not only minimises noise in the room, but in winter, it provides comfortable warmth with its radiant heat, while keeping the space comfortably cool and healthy in the summer. Plus: The acoustic holes are not covered over with cooling and thermal conduction elements, leaving them 100 percent active. Also, all walls can be used as required, with no restrictions, since the Variomodular pipes (aluminium multi-layer composite pipes) are laid in the ceiling.

Since an average cooling capacity of 37 watts/m2 was calculated for the 1,200 m2 office space, the building owners arranged for a heating pump to be installed with a capacity of 45 kilowatts. With a flow temperature of 16 °C, a return temperature of 20 °C and a comfortable room temperature of 26 °C, the cooling capacity of the Variotherm ModuleCeiling is 60 watts/m2 – even saving up 30% energy costs during ongoing operation.