All components of the system are perfectly matched. The specially milled routings of the VarioComp panel. The easy to bend VarioProFile pipe with an extremely stable form. The ideal height for the optional XPS insulation panel. The fast drying VarioComp filling compound.


Room thermostat guarantees simple, fast regulation of the room temperature.




VarioComp floor heating system inspires new ideas for living. With its superslim construction height of just 20 mm, it fits into any floor plan and all room situations perfectly. Fast reacting and high output.

Loft house meets 20 mm

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Loft house meets 20 mm

In Seekirchen am Wallersee, a loft house has been built using modular construction and fitted with dry construction floor heating. This surface heating has a low construction height of just 20 mm, and decreases the construction time needed thanks to its dry construction. With its low flow temperatures, it heats in an energy-efficient, sustainable way.

The 125 m² “Nomad Lodge” in Seekirchen am Wallersee (Salzburg), with ist purist design, offers flexible and sustainable living accommodation. The duplex house is connected via an access element, while a covered area protects the entrance against rain and snow. A larch terrace is a good space for relaxing in the open air.

Flexible living

Thanks to its modular construction, the individual parts made of solid wood and other recyclable materials could quickly be put together to create a loft house with a gabled roof, and securely anchored into the ground. If necessary, the house can simply be dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere.

The advantages of this method of construction are easy to see: the owner of the building doesn’t have to stay in one place, and protects the environment."Construction workers no longer need to travel to the construction site for months on end, but produce the modules in a factory. The kilometres saved on the road make a significant contribution towards reducing CO2," explains the architect, Gerold Peham, who is the founder and Managing Director of "Loft-Factory". He has been successfully planning temporary architecture projects for nearly 20 years.

Sustainable concept

The modular floor heating system VarioComp rounds off the clever building technology concept. With a construction height of just 20 mm and a low weight of around 25 kg/m², the modern heating system operates at low flow temperatures of between 26 and 38 °C, and reacts very quickly. With its radiant heat, it provides a comfortable room climate and was installed into each individual module in the production hall by the installers at Pöllmann & Partner. Twelve heating circuits were installed on the ground floor overall. Only the inspection openings need to be connected to each other on the building site.

The light-filled loft house was adequately insulated, using natural insulating materials such as cork and cellulose mineral wool. On particularly hot days, the Nomad Lodge can also be cooled via the water-bearing floor heating. An air heat pump combined with a photovoltaic system and surface heating rounds off the environmentally friendly building. In the future, other Nomad 

Lodges will also be fitted with the VarioComp.

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Photos: Loftfactory | Klaus Doppler