The ModulePanels are fixed to metal or wood support structures.

Scottish school goes for wallheating

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Scottish school goes for wallheating

The Highland Council has carried out a pioneering project in the wild northwest of Scotland: the newly constructed primary school in Acharacle was designed with sustainability firmly in mind. The new school provides modern, healthy and, above all, environmentally friendly facilities. What could be better for the project than sustainable Variotherm modular wall heating/cooling?

The fundamental idea behind the school’s design and construction is "eco-minimalism". The Scottish architects have made great use of Austrian expertise in implementing this philosophy. The school was built using the ‘Brettstapel’ solid timber construction method developed in Austria. 

When asked why the client decided in favour of modular wall heating, Variotherm partner Richard Handyside replied, "To provide high-comfort heating at lowest possible running cost".

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