This technology provides targeted heat generation to counter cold air movement and provide comfortable environments in a highly efficient manner. The grids are available in pure aluminium, dark bronze, and black.


The specially developed heating elements from Variotherm are the technical core component of the Variotherm skirting heating systems. Highly efficient when it comes to performance. Optimised heat distribution.


The heating element of the Variotherm trench heating systems is positioned of a glass side. It causes a veil of warm air build up within seconds, which protects the cooling effects of cold surfaces. 

Trench heating for office building

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Trench heating for office building

Thanks to the ability of Variotherm’s trench heating system to produce veils of warm air along cold glass surfaces and thus create a perfect shield against the cold influx from the glass, the staff at the Christof company are able to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment in their ‘glass hat’.

This pleasant climate and the highly responsive Variotherm trench heating system provides further convincing arguments that Variotherm was the right choice. Of course the optimum price/performance ratio, the attractive design of the floor grills, the short delivery time and the on-site support also played a role in the decision.

Variotherm products:

55 m trench heating system