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Cooling in Kiwiland

The first Variotherm ceiling installed in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the weather can be unpredictable. The locals like to joke that you can experience all four seasons in just a single day. On average, the people living on the Alpine South Island in New Zealand heat their homes for around 200 days a year. Even so, the summers can get very hot. For these home-owners, there is good reason to cool down their house during this period. When the air conditioning blows out cold air from the ceiling, and the noisy fans can be heard, they feel uncomfortable within their own four walls, however.

It was high time to find a new solution! In their search for an alternative, they discovered our partner, Central Heating New Zealand Ltd., which specialises in water-bearing, sustainable surface heating and cooling systems. The team headed by Lyall Smith persuaded the home-owners to try out silent, forced air-free ceiling cooling. During the summer months, it cools down the body in a comfortable, healthy way. Unlike standard air conditioning systems, the cooling ceiling operates using comfortable radiant exchange. No cold air is blown, and dust is no longer swirled up, meaning that the house can also be cooled at night.

On the substructure, 7.2 m² of ModulePanels are mounted with an aluminium multi-layer composite pipe that has already been integrated. A heating and cooling manifold connects the cooling circuits to create a whole system. 

During the cool months, the house is heated via floor heating.

From now on, the occupants of the house can stay longer in bed! They can enjoy the view onto their beautiful garden and can relax for longer in their perfectly tempered bedroom. 

project board:

Variotherm system: 7.2 m² ModuleCeiling Classic

Variotherm partner: Central Heating New Zealand Ltd.

Energy source: Air-water heat pump

Photos: Central Heating New Zealand Ltd.