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Excellent indoor climate for banking business

For the new building of the Raiffeisenbank in Leonding in Upper Austria, the clients and architects had special requirements for the new heating and cooling concept. Placed in the ceiling, the cooling and heating system also had to provide pleasant acoustics at the same time. The ModularCeiling with acoustic function from Variotherm, Raiffeisenbank Leonding chose the best-tested system. 

In a bank, discretion, quiet and trust are in demand. For customer meetings, banking transactions and consultations, not only the right infrastructure is needed, but also the right ambience. For the new building of the Raiffeisenbank Linz-Land headquarters in Leonding, the optimal room climate was therefore a central criterion. In addition to a pleasant temperature at all times of the year, this also includes an appropriate acoustic room climate so that personal financial counselling discussions can be conducted just as discreetly as classic banking transactions at the customer counter. Last but not least, the employees should also be able to work in an environment in which they feel comfortable. Together with the architect, the Upper Austrian bank therefore opted for the innovative surface heating and cooling system from Variotherm.

Best combination of cooling, heating and acoustics

The ModularCeiling with acoustic function combines three features in one: pleasant cooling, comfortable heating and sound-absorbing acoustic surface. Based on a flexible panel system, the surface heating and cooling system is very easy to install and, thanks to the aesthetically pleasing design of the acoustic function, is a finished ceiling at the same time.

For the new bank building in Leonding, this was exactly what was particularly important to architect Gernot Hertl. After all, the perforated pattern of the acoustic ceiling was to be coordinated throughout the entire building so that everythings in one line.

The planning department at Variotherm, together with the installer Förstl, responded precisely and individually to this requirement. A total of 515 m2 of the Modular Ceiling with acoustic function was installed with 5 VarioManifolds and 71 circuits. Ceiling outlets, for example for light, inspection openings and a curtain rail along the entire window front on the south side of the building were also planned.

Proven quality for the entire system

The ModularCeiling with acoustic function offers a sustainable and energy-efficient way to cool and heat both business and private spaces. Thanks to the optimally matched materials, heat and coolness can be transferred perfectly. The acoustic function additionally reduces noise, loud sounds as well as reverberation and echo. Especially in business areas with high customer frequency, such as in a bank, this is particularly important for a trusting environment.

To ensure that the acoustics function correctly, Variotherm has acoustic tests carried out for its products.

Unlike other suppliers, Variotherm is the only one that has an acoustic test for the entire system - and not just for individual panels. Moreover, Variotherm does not cover the central acoustic holes with pipes or heat-conducting plates.

An additional quality criterion from which the Raiffeisenbank in Leonding with its large open customer areas, offices and meeting rooms can now also benefit.

Construction site board

Variotherm Systems

- ModularCeiling - Acoustic: 515 m2 

- VarioManifold 5.0: 5 Verteiler mit 71 Kreisen

Variotherm Crew:

- Andreas Sickinger, Sales

- Okan Bozkurt, Engineering


- Installer: FÖRSTL GesmbH & Co KG, Gmunden

- Drywall Builder: Ing. Konst GmbH, Ottnang