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Electric night storage heaters with high power consumption have been removed and replaced by a resource-saving, water-based skirting heating system. 

34 years ago, electric night storage heaters were installed in a newly built log house in Glonn, near Munich. Not only does this electric heating system consume an unnecessarily high amount of power, it also looks ugly, cannot be regulated to a sufficient extent and provides low levels of indoor comfort.

It was time for a change – the old storage heaters had to go! The building owner obtained comprehensive advice from the local heating installer Ludwig Meier and the Variotherm specialist Robert Hofer and ultimately opted for the type IIa Classic skirting heating system

Quickly installed – with customised cladding

The rooms were measured and the skirting heating system was custom-designed to provide the required thermal output and to have the desired length. A total of 35 metres of skirting heating with an output of 140 W/m was installed. Supply lines were installed from the new equipment room in the cellar to the heating manifolds on the ground floor and upper storey. 

The Classic skirting heating unit consists of heating elements and brackets. The building owner is free to choose suitable cladding. To ensure that the skirting heating system fits in with the interior architecture as well as possible, it was cladded using wooden elements to match the indoor fittings by the master carpenter Albert Singer from Speyer

Refurbishment of the heating system was completed in three weeks. The building owner was able to start using the new heating system in mid-November 2019. 

The good news is that the operating costs have reduced by around 50% and the level of heating comfort in the rooms has improved significantly. The building owner is very satisfied! 

A new air heat pump with a tiled stove heater for hot water provision was installed. In addition, a photovoltaic system was installed that generates heat using renewable energy in an ecological, sustainable manner. 

Project board

Variotherm system: 35 m skirting heating system | type IIa

Installer: Ludwig Meier, D-85625 Glonn

Master carpenter: Schreinerei Singer, D-67346 Speyer

Energy provider: Air heat pump