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Project of the month March 2019

Constructed in the early 1970s, the Alexandra Road Estate is also known by the locals as “Rowley Way”. The large terraced estate consists of 520 flats and is located in the London Borough of Camden.

In 1968, the well-known British architect Neave Brown received the commission to build the estate which was to make him famous. At the time, the estate was designated as social housing. The architect believed that stepped terraces would make the residents feel more comfortable. His concept consisted of bright and airy flats thanks to the recessed upper floors, while the walkways between the apartments could be used as pedestrian and play areas.

Over the subsequent years, the large-scale “Rowley Way” estate became one of the most famous buildings in England. In 1993, it was classified as a historical monument.

Thanks to its distinctive architecture, the estate has been used as a film and television set on various occasions, for instance in the 2006 film “Breaking and Entering”.

Renovation with wall and ceiling heating

"Rowley Way’s" original structural concrete walls contained steel pipes. Today, this is no longer up to standard. On the one hand, flow temperatures are much too high, on the other, flats cannot be controlled separately. However, these deficits were just the trigger for a general renovation.

The concept was developed further and cosy wall heating was included in the heating renovation process. Camden Council decided to retain a wall heating concept. In addition, ceiling heating will be integrated into several ceiling areas.

Our partner in London, Surface Heating Ltd. is implementing the new concept in conjunction with the installation company RAMKI Heating Ltd. In the future, the flats will be heated via walls and ceilings. On top of this, energy will be saved as the wall/ceiling heating system works with low flow temperatures.

The first six units are currently being installed. 

Project board

Variotherm-products: 260 m² ModularWall-Classic und ModularCeiling-Classic

Client: Camden London Borough Council, UK

Variotherm-partner: Surface Heating Ltd., London (UK)

Heating installation technician: RAMKI Heating Ltd., London (UK)

Installation photos: Variotherm

Rowley Way photos:
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Oxyman - Certificate of licence