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Even comfort need creativity

A suitable heating system for each room

Sometimes more is better. The client, who is located close to Lebring (Styria), wanted to design his new home to be all-round cosy. Therefore, it was clear for him that there would not be one system for all rooms because each room needs to be appropriately heated. In summary: 4 different heating systems are set to heat the bungalow.

It was important for the client that only Austrian companies were engaged for his building project. Through researching on the internet, he found Variotherm heating systems as all products used for heating and cooling are produced in Austria, to be more precise in Lower Austria. Together with his installer of choice engineer Gerald Jahrbacher from Wildon and Variotherm’s Peter Unterrainer, he meticulously worked on the perfect heating concept for the 270 m² detached house. 

Even more radiant heat

The concept is impressive. The plastered wall heating was installed in both bathrooms, in the living room and in the conservatory. Even in the shower heating pipes have been installed, which makes this area particularly comfortable. Floor heating in the drywall construction additionally ensures feet stay warm in the bathrooms. "Now, I will probably never be able to get my family out of the bathroom," the client jokes.  

The ceiling heating provides a pleasant radiant heat in the living room, bedrooms and office. Even the garage has been equipped with a ModuleCeiling. A trench heating system has been installed along the large glass areas in the living room and conservatory. Within a short period of time a warm air curtain forms and protects against the cold from outside. In the hall area, a floor heating in drywall construction with a pipe spacing of 15 cm has been installed. 

Of course, the client has also thought about room cooling. If the house is still heated using pellet heating, the areas activated for the wall heating/cooling will in the future be connected to a heat pump. In this way, during the summer cool water at approx. 16 °C can flow can through the heating pipes and the rooms can be cooled in a healthy manner. 

In total 39 heating and cooling circuits are distributed via several VarioManifold.

The client is delighted with Variotherm, "Mr Unterrainer reacted with unbelievable commitment to our requirements and has designed an individual concept for heating and cooling for us. Even the orders and deliveries worked flawlessly and arrived in good time at the building site. We are already looking forward to when the systems will be used."

As each system has its own strengths, maximum performance could be gained from each individual Variotherm product. In a few months, the client with his family will be able to move into his new home and drink a nice beer on the patio. "Cheers!"

Project board

Variotherm systems:

77 m² EasyWall-Heating

108 m² Modular Ceiling Cooling/Heating

42 m² Modular Floor Heating

10 lfm Trench Heating

Installer: Ing. Gerald Jahrbacher, AT-8410 Wildon

Energy provider: Pellet heating system; a heat pump for heating AND cooling is coming soon