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VarioProFile-pipe 16x2 plus+

Feather. Light. Bending.

Our VarioProFile pipe is featherlight, easy to bend and inherently stable.

Its predecessor, the VarioProFile 16x2 Laser pipe, was known for its numerous excellent properties. Following in its footsteps, the VarioProFile pipe 16x2 plus+ has an added range of advantages on top of the existing quality features!

Good to know: The VarioProFile pipe is the only pipe on the market that has a profiled surface. Optimum heat transfer is guaranteed thanks to the 15% surface increase.

This is new

We have developed the core with the interior aluminium layer and have improved the recipe of the lining’s synthetic granulate, making the bending of all familiar radii even easier and more flexible. This ensures faster and more convenient installation. Naturally, the VarioProFile pipe 16x2 plus+ has retained the tried and tested stable form and profiled surface.

Your benefit

Easier. Bending.

30% less effort needed for bending. Thanks to the improved bending properties, the work is now even more energy-efficient.

Faster. Installation.

20% faster work. Faster bending of the pipes results in a noticeable reduction of working hours and costs.

Less. Weight.

13% lighter than before (-3 kg per 300 running metres). Weight plays a carrying role during the transport to the building site. Every kilo counts. The lighter construction saves both CO2 and muscle power in the long run.

The new VarioProFile pipe 16x2 plus+ now at plus(at)  or on +43 2256 64870-6.