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Silent impact sound insulation

With a soft tread 

The SILENT impact sound insulation is a wood fibreboard panel. Thanks to its high impact sound insulation value, it reduces the transfer of sound over the floor. It is the optimum addition between non-insulated subsurfaces (such as even screed) and the 18-millimetre VarioComp panel made of gypsum fibreboard with its tested biological properties.

SILENT offers many advantages:

  • Very good impact sound insulation 
  • Easy to cut and process
  • Durable thanks to its stable fibre structure 
  • Sufficiently high compression strength of 15 tonnes/m²
  • Ecological, environmentally friendly and recyclable - IBR test seal 

          Panel size: 790 x 590 x 5 mm
          Compressive strength at 10% compression: 150 kPa (15 t/m²)
          Impact sound improvement: up to 17 dB
          Thermal conductivity 0.071 W/mK

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