Partial cooling: floors support the cooling process

In the hot summer months, a water-bearing floor heating system can also help cooling – this is called partial cooling. When cool water flows through heating pipes, the human body gives off excess heat to the cool surfaces via the ambient air. What is needed: A heating pump, a ground collector/ deep borehole or a suction/absorbing well to process the cool water.

In high temperatures, however, cooling via the floor reaches its limits. Since our feet are in direct contact with this surface, the surface temperature is restricted. If the floor is too cool, our well-being is reduced.

For high cooling loads, we recommend cooling via ceilings and/or walls. Cooling pipes are fitted on walls and ceilings on 70 to 80% of the room’s surface area, providing the room with a uniform pleasant temperature.

This is how it works

A water-bearing wall or ceiling cooling system works via power exchange: Water at 16-20 °C flows through the aluminium multi-layer composite pipes. Walls and ceilings are thus cooled via their surfaces. The human body gives off excess body heat to the cool surfaces, resulting in a feeling of complete well-being.