Walk barefoot through your apartment or house all winter long! No problem with floor heating! It not only warms your feet, but the whole room. And you save on heating costs.

The Variotherm floor heating can be laid in both screed and subsequently as a drywall construction system. 

Floor heating for drywall construction

The super-thin floor heating for drywall construction is ideal when refurbishing heating systems, and can also be laid subsequently. The height of the modular VarioComp floor heating system for drywall construction is just 20 mm.

The heating pipes are laid over the entire floor, allowing the radiant heat to be evenly emitted over the floor area. As a result, the whole room becomes cosy and warm.

Floor heating for screed floors

There are four different pipe fixing systems for floor heating for screed floors: the VarioBar, the VarioFix panel, the VarioClips and the stapler pins. The extremely robust VarioSolid sets new standards for industrially used surfaces.

All Variotherm floor heating systems are highly efficient low-temperature systems that are an ideal supplement to other energy-saving technologies, such as heat pumps, solar or biomass plants.