Is the room cosy and warm even without radiators? Then the pleasant warmth is coming from the wall. The radiant heat makes sure that your home stays warm and also saves energy. The added benefit: during the summer, the wall can cool down the room to a pleasant temperature and in a healthy way. And all this with the same single system!

Wall heating can be installed with plastered interior finishing or subsequently as a drywall system.

Wall heating and cooling for drywall construction

A water-bearing wall heating and cooling system can also be added later for drywall construction for sensitive building refurbishment projects. The modular heating system can be mounted on walls and roof pitches. The different formats of the gypsum fibre boards, which are certified for their biological properties, can be perfectly adapted to the building conditions. 

The modular wall heating can also be installed in individual rooms. This makes the bathroom even cosier. The drywall construction wall heating warms up quickly and heats the bathroom in an instant. 

Plastered wall heating and cooling

From bricks, porous concrete and concrete walls to clay plaster, the VarioBars for pipes are simply affixed to the wall. The plastered wall heating/cooling is hidden in the wall and perfectly tempers the room, even in the coldest winter months. The wall heating not only warms the air, but also operates using comfortable radiant heat.

And if rooms get too hot in the summer, the wall heating turns into a cooling system. Then, cool water flows through the heating pipes. Draughts and noise are a thing of the past – and the system can therefore also run at night.