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Technical. Properties. Models. Types.

The heating elements developed and produced by Variotherm consist of a high-quality copper pipe (or as an alternative, a stainless steel pipe) with specially formed aluminium heating fins. This technology provides targeted heat generation to counter cold air movement and provide comfortable environments in a highly efficient manner.



Die Bodenkanalheizung zeichnen sich durch ihre leistungsstarke Heizelement aus. Die Länge der Elemente kann den baulichen Anforderungen entsprechend nach Maß bestellt werden.


  1.  Trench heater frame
  2.  Heating element
  3.  Air baffle plate
  4.  Linear or roll grid
  5.  Adjustment screws
  6.  Copper pipe/alternative stainless steel pipe
  7.  Side strips, green
  8.  Attachment bracket


THS1 and Typ THS2 with more power.

And if little space available: THS1 "mini" and Typ THS2 "mini".

All grids are now available in three colour options: Plain aluminium, Light bronce, Black

Precisely adjusted. Without underfilling.

Another feature of the new trench heating systems are the adjustment screws for weight-bearing installation. That means that underfilling is not necessary. The elements are usable immediately after installation.

Mit den Variotherm Bodenkanalheizungen wird binnen kürzester Zeit ein Warmluftschleier entlang der kalten Flächen aufgebaut und deren Kälteeeinwirkung abgeschirmt.


The heating element of the Variotherm trench heating system is right beside the glass surface. Furthermore, the louvres of the cover grate direct the warm air directly to the glass surfaces. Thus a veil of warm air builds up within seconds, which shields against the cooling effects of the cold glass surfaces.




All Variotherm trench heating systems are delivered already pre-assembled with the correct length, and only need to be aligned and screwed into place on site. Using the interior adjustment screws, the ducted channel can be precisely set to the required floor level. Subsequent adjustment is possible at any time. No underfill is required.

Alle Variotherm Bodenkanalheizungen werden in der richtigen Länge fix und fertig vormontiert geliefert und müssen vor Ort nur noch ausgerichtet und festgeschraubt werden.
Hoher Wirkungsgrad. Effizienter Heizbetrieb. Das von Variotherm entwickelte Heizelement ist das technische Herzstück der Variotherm Heizleisten.
Heating elements developed and produced by Variotherm
Trench heating systems cause a veil of warm air, which protects the cooling effects of cold surfaces
Das Lineargitter von Variotherm ist in drei unterschiedlichen Farben erhältlich.
Linear grid
Das Lineargitter von Variotherm ist in drei unterschiedlichen Farben erhältlich.
Roll grid
Das Lineargitter und das Rollgitter sind optisch ansprechend gestaltet und leicht zu reinigen. Sie sind in den Farben Aluminium natur, Hellbronze und Schwarz erhältlich.
The grids are available in pure aluminium, light brass and black
Variotherm heating/cooling manifold
Heating/cooling manifolds are fully assembled and pressure-tested