VarioComp floor heating system inspires new ideas for living. With its superslim construction height of just 20 mm, it fits into any floor plan and all room situations perfectly. Fast reacting and high output.


The heating element of the Variotherm trench heating systems is positioned of a glass side. It causes a veil of warm air build up within seconds, which protects the cooling effects of cold surfaces. 


The specially developed heating elements from Variotherm are the technical core component of the Variotherm skirting heating systems. Highly efficient when it comes to performance. Optimised heat distribution.


Both the linear grid and the roll grid have an attractive design and are easy to clean. 

The grids are available in natural aluminium, light bronze and black.

A contented way of life

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A contented way of life

A new heating concept creates a better quality of life in a conservatory

Relaxation and restoration: in the south of Lower Austria, a family home has been extended by an 18 m² conservatory filled with bright light, with a wonderful view onto the "Hohe Wand" hill in Lower Austria. However, the family's enjoyment of their new space didn't last long: with the two radiators that had been recommended, they were unable to heat their new living space to a comfortable temperature during the winter months. Not only that: condensate also formed on the glass panels.

The ideal combination

The home-owners therefore decided to dismantle the radiators and replace them with a combination of 17 m² of modular floor heating system VarioComp and 5.7 running metres of trench heating system. Within the space of just a week, the family was delighted with the result. The underfloor convector bearing hot water was installed in the floor along the length of the large windows.This heats the wall and emits the warmth into the room in the form of radiant heat. Condensate has no further chance of developing. 

Together with the energy-efficient dry construction floor heating, the underfloor convector ensures a comfortable room climate and low air circulation. The modular floor heating system VarioComp also impresses with its thin construction height of just 20 mm and low weight of around 25 kg/m². Another bonus: thanks to the discreet trench heating system, which is installed flush with the upper edge of the floor covering, there is more space in the conservatory for a cosy seating area and indoor plants. To protect the heating elements, weightbearing grilles in matt aluminium were chosen, creating a contrast with the dark floor covering and making the narrow space look larger. 

Since the radiators have remained in place in the other rooms, the floor heating was connected as a low-temperature system to the high-temperature heating system via a Variotherm pump microstation.

A successful result

"After two floods, and after dismantling the conservatory twice right down to the foundation slabs, I swore to my wife never to convert a part of the house again," the building owner explains. "Luckily, I was able to persuade her to agree to this heating project. With the Variotherm products, we’ve found the perfect  alternative solution to radiators. For the first time, we can now heat the conservatory properly. We spend a lot of time here in the winter, for reading, relaxation, yoga or working. Even our cats love the cosy room and enjoy the warmth from the floor heating."

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