In the ModuleCeilings for conventional ceilings with a noise absorbing acoustic surface the VarioModule pipes are fully integrated in the rear of the gypsum fibre boards.




The hole pattern is covered by a special acoustic fleece. This is the only way to ensure certified, guaranteed noise reduction.


The heat and sound insulation VarioRoll is available with a thickness of 20 and 30 mm. Simple pipe fixing with the help of stapler pins. 




The VarioModule pipe is already fully integrated in the rear of the ModulePanel.


The heat and sound insulation VarioRoll is available with a thickness of 20 and 30 mm. Simple pipe fixing with the help of stapler pins. 




  Optimised heat transfer
  Excellent plaster adhesion
  High pressure and
    temperature resistance
  Flexible, easy to bend
  100% oxygen diffusion-tight

Smart climate

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Smart climate

The kvm-tec team have been leaders in the electronics sector for 40 years. The innovative company office building is also one step ahead when it comes to technology. As well as attractive rooms, the company headquarters also offer a swimming pond and a fitness room, as well as a refined heating, cooling and noise concept.

Originally, the idea was to use floor heating for heating and fan coils for cooling. However, installer Harald Stoll from Neunkirchen and Variotherm professional Peter Unterrainer worked out an alternative concept, with surface heating and cooling that won the approval of building owners Stefan Pfurtscheller and Florian Schubert.

The maintenance-free Variotherm ceiling elements cool and heat the room silently and are free of forced air. The water-bearing low-temperature systems also use the entire surface for emitting heat and cold. This ensures that rooms are evenly tempered. The other benefit: You can save up to 30% on energy costs!

The concept in detail

In front of the large glass panels in the lobby, kitchen and entrance area, they decided to use a closely laid screed floor heating system that screens off the building against the cold. Since the exposed concrete on the ground floor was to be preserved, they decided to use concrete core activation in the ceiling. This was achieved 100% with the VarioProFile pipe 16 x 2 laser (aluminium multi-layer composite pipe). The benefit: It can be used to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Variotherm ModuleCeilings were mounted in the office and recreation areas.

The ModuleCeiling-Acoustic was installed in the offices with increased noise levels. The perforation pattern and the acoustic fleece on the rear side of the panels guide the noise into the hollow chamber behind. The noise is broken up and the echo time in the room is significantly reduced."We are very satisfied with this cleverly designed heating and cooling concept. A cooling capacity of 24.6 kW is covered by the activated surfaces. In addition, the acoustic ceiling keeps the noise level in the office spaces extremely low," explains the satisfied building owner, Stefan Pfurtscheller.

Variotherm products:

105 m2 ModuleCeiling-Classic

87 m2 ModuleCeiling-Acoustic

90 m2 Floor heating for screed floors VarioRoll

254 m2 Concrete core activation ceiling

Photos: kvm-tec