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In tune with the times

Energy efficient heating and cooling

Keep hold of what you have, but still keep on developing. That’s the motto of our partner Pointner Installationen Installationen from Kirchdorf am Inn. After 20 years of a successful company history, the office building became too cramped. In the spring, the family-run business expanded its headquarters by adding an extra floor. 

Anyone refurbishing or enlarging their home should not only consider the heating system, but also room cooling. As an experienced, innovative installer, Pointner is always keen to keep up with the times. They therefore chose an energy efficient, sustainable surface cooling system that can also provide heating in winter. 

Energy efficient all year round

Ceiling cooling and heating is installed over the entire ceiling area and saves up to 30% on energy costs during operation. When the room is cooled via the ceiling during the summer, cold water circulates through the heating pipes at a temperature of between 16 and 20 °C, and cools the surfaces. People in the room can give off excess heat and a comfortable room climate is created. During the winter, the heating water has a low flow temperature of between 26 and 38 °C. The energy needed to create these temperatures is provided by an air heat pump.

The ceiling cooling/heating is a drywall system. The gypsum fibre boards with integrated aluminium multi-layer composite pipe have been mounted on the wooden substructure. All the electric cables and supply pipes are fitted in the false ceiling.

On the ground floor, the rooms are also heated via the existing floor heating. The temperature can be regulated separately in each office room.

This ceiling frees up your mind

In office spaces, the level of noise quickly becomes a problem, resulting in stress and loss of concentration. The building owner therefore chose the ModuleCeiling with acoustic function. The noise in the room is captured and the echo time is significantly reduced. A further plus with the Variotherm ceiling cooling and heating with acoustic function is that the acoustic holes are not covered over with cooling and thermal conduction elements, leaving them 100 per cent active. This provides noise reduction that has been tested and guaranteed by TÜV Rheinland. 

Controlled living space ventilation provides fresh, filtered air in the office, all day round.

project board:

Variotherm system: 153 m² ModularCeiling-Acoustic, 18 m² ModularCeiling-Classic

Buiding owner and installer: Pointner Installationen GmbH

Energy source: Air heat pump