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Kindergarten refurbishment: underfloor heating retrofitted in a short space of time

Welcome to the kindergarden Unterlangenkampfen, Tyrol. A loving institution that has been making children's eyes sparkle with joy and laughter for generations. But time also leaves its mark, and so the kindergarden is now facing an important phase of redesign and modernization.

It was a wonderful idea: each group and each room was fitted with different floor coverings. From classic tiled floors to PVC floors and even cork floors. Originally designed to offer the children a varied play experience, the kindergarten now wants to take the next step towards comfort and sustainability.

The challenge was to retain the charm and playful variety while integrating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly underfloor heating into the premises. But which solution is best suited to all the different floor coverings?

Multiple floor coverings, a logical solution

Initially, the idea was to remove the existing floor and mill the screed so that any heating pipes could then be laid. However, after consultation with the innovative installer Sanitär Technik Wörgl and our experienced consultant on site, this idea was discarded relatively quickly for three reasons:

  • Milling an existing screed is nothing more than weakening the material. No one can guarantee that the screed will hold.
  • Those milled-out strips must ultimately be refilled with a compound. This means moisture in the building again - and therefore slow construction progress!
  • It should also be noted that the milling dust has to be disposed of - and thus additional costs are incurred.

The floorer's best friend

The kindergarden ultimately opted for the simplest solution: our VarioComp underfloor heating in drywall construction was laid over 270 m2. The 18-millimetre-thin gypsum fiber boards are laid on a level, dry and load-bearing substrate. These compact boards are specially milled with studs. This allows the VarioProFile pipe 11.6x1.5 (aluminum multilayer composite pipe) to be laid individually. This guarantees an even pipe spacing. At the same time, the pipe is held firmly in place between the studs. The heating pipe can be laid in a meandering or bifilar pattern.

Finally, the special compact filling compound is poured on and removed. After an extremely short drying time of around 24 hours, the floor covering can be applied and the floor layer can come! Anything goes: wood parquet, tiles, stoneware, laminate or carpet.

Construction site board

Variotherm Systems

VarioComp - Modular Floor: 270 m2

VarioManifold 5.0: 3 pieces with 39 circuits



Sanitär Technik Wörgl