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Wishing you a good morning from the greater Klagenfurt area. Outside, the sun is already high in the sky. Indoors, however, the air is pleasantly cool. The family has opted for a combination of underfloor heating and ceiling cooling. So how does that feel during everyday life?

Time to get up, and time for a good breakfast. The view through the kitchen’s large panorama windows invites you to linger for a while. With a cup of coffee in your hands, the feeling of a good morning’s calm lingers on. 

Into the day


Having the right room climate is crucial when it comes to concentrating on your work at the desk, since you need to keep a cool head even in heated situations. Unbearably hot home office days are a thing of the past. You also don’t miss the whirring of the air conditioner and its draughts.


The children are back from kindergarten and school: time to play! Things can get a bit louder. This is no problem for rooms with pleasant acoustics. The family didn’t even have to give it a second thought, after all, the Variotherm ModularCeiling carries out several functions: it cools, heats, provides pleasant room acoustics and is a finished ceiling all at the same time.


Work? Done. Kids in bed? Done. A hot summer day draws to a close. Finally some time to end the day comfortably on the couch.

Thoughts of tropical summer nights have long since stopped causing this family to break out in a sweat—thanks to the ceiling cooling.

So how does all that heat get out of the house?

On a global scale, cooling is even more important than heating. How does ceiling cooling actually work though?

Rene Gaiswinkler from Egger Installationen explains: “It’s quite simple: Physics! Surface cooling is based on radiation exchange, which warms bodies on hot summer days. Cool water flows through a pipe system installed in the ceiling in summer, creating a pleasant, cosy environment at the same time. And the whole system is energy-efficient on top of that. While air-conditioning requires an operating temperature of 7°C, the ceiling cooling system is operated with a flow temperature of around 17°C.”

The ceiling cooling/heating with an acoustic function for drywall construction is a flexible panel system made of gypsum fibre boards that have been tested in terms of building biology. Either hot or cool water flows through the pipes, which are already integrated into the boards, allowing cooling and heating in one—without stirring up air. With the additional acoustic function, the ModuleCeiling represents tested and guaranteed noise reduction and thus offers an optimal all-in-one solution for more comfort.