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The silent cooling

The future of cooling

The plan: The marketing department of Hartl Haus was to have a generously designed, modern and bright office at the headquarters in Echsenbach, near Zwettl. Load-bearing walls were removed and steel girders were installed for load transmission. The entrance area to the office was also given a more spacious design.

The new marketing office is located between two fire compartments. For this reason, the wall and ceiling openings for the connecting pipes were laid in a new shaft. Fire protection measures were taken for the connecting pipes.

The implementation: In the course of this conversion work, the management of Hartl Haus decided to go one step further. The rooms of the former management office and the secretariat adjacent to the new office were also renovated.

A pretty cool refurbishment

In a modern heating renovation, the appropriate cooling system cannot be missing. No sooner said than done: The new offices were equipped with a cooling ceiling with acoustic function. The 8 mm block perforation in the ceiling dampens the sound. The perforated pattern and the acoustic fleece on the rear side of the ModulePanels absorb sound into the hollow chamber behind. The sound is refracted. More precisely, acoustic ceilings reduce the reverberation in the room. Thus, conversations remain undisturbed.

275 ModulePanels with acoustic function were installed as ceiling sails, or screwed directly to the wooden substructure of the ceiling. The ceiling cooling operates using radiant heat exchange. In other words: cold water circulates through the pipes and cools the surfaces on the ceiling. The person in the room emits excess body heat onto the cool surfaces.

The final touch is provided by the coloured light strips on the edges of the ceiling sails in the corridor area, which bathe the room in a pleasant indirect light.

The employees of Hartl Haus can look forward to a cool and quiet summer.

Construction sign

Variotherm systems:
Acoustic ModuleCeiling 8 mm block perforation
VarioManifold 5.0 – heating and cooling manifolds

Planning and structural engineering: BM Erwin Nechwatal, Hartl Haus Holzindustrie GmbH, A-3903 Echsenbach
Installation: Lemp Energietechnik e.U., A-3532 Rastenfeld
Drywall construction: Interior finishing department Hartl Haus Holzindustrie GmbH, A-3903 Echsenbach
Variotherm project support: Dry and timber construction, mounting instructions: Ing. Günter Grube, Hydraulic components VarioManifold 5.0: Andreas Sickinger
Energy generation: 16 KW water chiller unit