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A dream of comfort in the heart of Ireland

When new buildings are designed, they should be as energy-efficient as possible and in harmony with the environment. That’s exactly what a family living in County Laois in Ireland wanted when they moved there. With the right partner at your side, realising this dream couldn’t be easier. Together with the installers HeatDoc. and our long-term Variotherm consultant Peter Sullivan, all options to help achieve their goal were considered.

A new building in harmony with the environment

Two bore holes, each around 200 m deep, enable passive cooling in the summer and energy-efficient heating in winter. All floor and wall surfaces available were activated to allow the heat pump to be able to operate with the lowest possible flow temperature.

One wall – two systems

The typical building style of the Irish midlands meant that different heating and cooling systems needed to be installed. One special feature is certainly the mixture of plastered and a drywall construction system for heating and cooling on the same wall.
The EasyFlex Wall was mounted in the lower section of the wall, while in the upper section, Modular Wall was used.

Easy assembly

The reasons are obvious: some areas of the house were built using bricks, while in others, wood was used.

  • In the solid wall sections, the VarioBars were simply affixed to the wall. The highly flexible heating pipes with a dimensionally stable form, the VarioProFile pipes latch in quickly and easily. The EcoHeatingPlaster is used for plastering.
  • Variotherm wall heating/cooling using drywall construction is a flexible panel system and is installed ready for use on the wall and roof slope. The VarioModular pipe is already integrated.

In a next step, screed floor heating will be installed. Now, nothing stands in the way of a comfortable room temperature in the family home!

Variotherm-Partner: HWI Sustainable Buildings Ltd, Peter Sullivan

Installer: Heat Doc Ltd

Heat Generation: Heliotherm 20KW Ground Source Heat Pump

Variotherm Systems: