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Edge insulation strip 75 mm

Uncouple structure-borne noise and prevent cracks

The edge insulation strip separates the floor heating in the drywall construction from neighbouring components and uncouples structure-borne sound. 

The edge insulation strip explained in brief

Whether we are walking through a room or moving items in it, we are creating sound that is transferred. That is not always pleasant for the people in our vicinity. Very sensitive areas are the transition areas from the floor to the wall. With the edge insulation strip, the transfer of sound can be reduced. 

Another function of the edge insulation strip: Flooring such as parquet and laminate expand in heat. Pressure occurs and without proper edge insulation strips, cracks can form. An edge insulation strip prevents cracks. 

Where and how the edge insulation strip is installed

It is stuck in-between the drywall construction floor heating and the wall. The insulation must be installed without any gaps and must reach from the load-bearing subsurface to the upper edge of the floor covering. 

The Variotherm edge insulation strip made of PE foam is 75 mm high and 10 mm thick. The front is equipped with a self-adhesive, welded overlapping foil. Therefore, a sealed connection between the edge insulation strip and PE construction foil is guaranteed. The insulation can simply be stuck to the wall thanks to the butyl rubber adhesive on the back.