Der neue Heiz-/Kühlkreisverteiler „VarioVerteiler 5.0“ ist noch schlanker im Aufbau und durch die neuen Haltersets noch einfacher zu fixieren.

1 Year of VarioManifold 5.0

We successfully launched our new heating manifold ‘VarioManifold 5.0’ on the market one year ago. Twelve months later, we are taking stock and are...

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Die Distanzstücke für das Halterset vergrößern den Abstand zwischen Verteilerbalken und Wand.

Spacers create more space

The spacers for the bracket set expand the distance between the manifold beams and the wall. In this way the pipes can be pulled through the return...

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Tested systematically

Our system wall heating and cooling has been tested and again awarded the IBO quality seal. But what exactly does that mean for our customers?

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Große Nachfrage der VarioKomp in England trotz Brexit

Despite Brexit, no exit

Managing Director Alexander Watzek travelled to England for a few days and visited the Variotherm sales partners with Business Developer Peter...

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